About Marybeth

For over 30 years I have been working with ways of clarifying and improving communication. After a dozen years in sales and marketing I started training in bodywork, verbal process and somatics. My career as a Certified Massage Therapist began in 1993 after completing trainings with Touch for Health and Tom Hendrickson’s Orthopedic Massage Institute. I have provided massage therapy in chiropractic offices, corporate offices and in private practice, treating clients with acute and chronic pain.

Frequently, massage clients confide in me regarding difficult situations they’re experiencing. It is undeniable that the body holds memory; our muscles hold memory. In order to experience relief from some long-standing ailments, revising out-dated beliefs can be key. I witnessed my client’s lives becoming more satisfying as they applied concepts I shared with them from Skills For Change. With mentoring from my teacher, Julia Kelliher, it was a natural transition to begin coaching clients and leading Skills For Change Group Classes. The concepts in SFC are easy to duplicate and require a commitment to steadfast follow-through.

Since conflict is part of life, resolving conflict is essential to enjoying life. I was introduced to Skills For Change in 1997 as I deeply examined my life, mid-divorce, and in need of new single parenting skills. The understanding I gained from that study has helped me navigate some of life’s most challenging situations. To my coaching clients I bring compassion, life experience, an open heart, and the belief that ANYTHING is possible. I invite you to join me in experiencing this richly rewarding work!

Email Marybeth at: marybeth@marybethpaul.com