Whether the pain that troubles you is from a long-standing condition or has been with you for a few days or weeks, Hendrickson Method Orthopedic Massage may bring relief. This gentle rhythmic bodywork addresses soft tissue injury caused by overuse, impact-trauma, or stress.

The deepest layers of muscle fiber are accessed and repositioned into their place of optimal function. We work with the muscle-brain connection to release spasm and restore mobility and resilience.  Providing clients Orthopedic Massage for over 20 years has me convinced this is an effective and comfortable way to relieve pain. Pain that originated from an auto accident or personal injury, to everyday stress or overuse syndrome are the common situations that bring a client into my office. After 2-3 sessions it’s clear whether the condition is improving, pain is diminishing and range of motion is increasing. Often this is all it takes to get the body back in balance. Many clients schedule maintenance sessions monthly or bi-monthly to support their well-being.

In 1983, after several years of chronic neck pain and migraine headaches, I was delighted to find a massage therapist whose treatment provided me with relief after our first session. The results I experienced were so positive and long-lasting that I began to study with my massage therapist/teacher/mentor. After completing Touch for Health I & II in 1984, I began a study of homeopathy. I found the basics of applied kinesiology I’d learned in Touch for Health, coupled with homeopathy, to be a useful combination. In 1993 I completed my Certified Massage Therapist training at Phillips School of Massage in Nevada City.

By mid 1996 I completed Tom Hendrickson’s 200 hour course in Orthopedic Massage (OM) at the the Orthopedic Massage Institute in Berkeley. I have found OM to be profoundly effective in bringing relief to those with acute injuries, such as whip-lash, sprains, and strains. Incorporating OM into a therapy session focused on relaxation has a beneficial result as well as addressing longstanding conditions like low back pain and headaches. I have been blessed with the invaluable experience of providing massage therapy for chiropractic patients of Dr Templeton and Dr Jacobson for many years. I’ve maintained a massage therapy office in Nevada County since 1995. I also provide “on-site” massage therapy to businesses owners interested in offering employees this stress- reducing opportunity. I thoroughly enjoy the lifelong learning and constant newness which comes with this work.