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Cost ~ sliding scale for all coaching

Sliding scale payments allow you to determine how much you pay by your unique financial situation. This might vary monthly if your situation fluctuates, and it can also stay the same. Those who are able to pay at the higher end of the scale make it possible for those who have less to pay less. 


$250 – $150 per month

We meet once weekly for three consecutive weeks, then skip a week.

On-line zoom group classes meet for six hours each month, 2 hours per meeting.  We meet three weeks, then skip a week. Each person in group has designated time to problem solve an issue every week. Online groups are now facilitated by two leaders.

Sometime in the future when we can meet live in person with no concern about COVID, we’ll meet in person, as we used to, with one facilitator. Until then, zoom meeting is serving the need to learn new skills.

One-on-one is different from a group and each have their place.


$80 – $125 per hour

MEDIATION (facilitated conversation)

$80 – $125 per hour


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