Contact & Pricing

Cost ~ sliding scale for all coaching

You determine how much you pay by your unique financial situation, not based on what you experience in any particular session. This might vary monthly if your situation fluctuates, and it can also stay the same.


$85-140 monthly ($28-$47  every two and a half hour meeting)
We meet once weekly for three consecutive weeks, then skip a week.

The going rate in our area for Skills for Change Coaching (one-on-one) is $75-150 per hour. Group classes meet for seven and a half hours each month, $11-19 per hour, depending on where you land on that sliding scale. One-on-one is different from a group and each have their place. One-on-one costs are mentioned as a frame of reference.


$65-85 per hour


MEDIATION (facilitated conversation)

$75-125 per hour


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