Skills for Change

Fundamental Teachings of Skills for Change

Fundamental teachings we study include:

Understanding the Rescue Triangle

Why do we keep doing more than our share, doing things we aren’t asked to do, or doing things we don’t want to do? Why do we feel resentful or the target of another’s anger?

Depletion/Replenishment Assessment

What energizes you? What tires you? Why are we lured into doing more?

Asking for 100% and Negotiating from There

How do we even know what we want?

Clearing Held Stories

Identifying a “story” vs. observable fact and how to use this skill.

The Origin of Believing We are “Not Enough”

(ie: thin, smart, fast, pretty, clever, motivated, sane, wealthy, etc)
How this both serves and doesn’t serve us.

Discovering Our Conditioned Tendencies

Power Analysis in Relationship

Privilege and oppression
Identify three distinct ego states: Parent, Adult, Child
Who’s running the show?

Skills For Change, developed by Julia Kelliher, is primarily based on Radical Therapy and Lomi Somatic Education, with influences from Transactional Analysis, The Enneagram, Eastern Spirituality, the Social Justice and Feminist Movements.