Group Classes / One-on-One / Mediation

Group Classes/One-on-One Coaching/Mediation

Group Classes

On-going classes of 4-6 people meet three times monthly for two and a half hours per class. Being part of a class breaks isolation when we see that others have problems and reactions similar to our own. A supportive environment is created in which each participant is given the opportunity to problem-solve. As new habits develop there is a sense of celebration and encouragement. A wide range of topics is covered due to the variety of participants, which expands the possibility to learn fundamental concepts from real life situations. This also allows students to sort through information and then apply what is useful. An on-going weekly class is less expensive than one-on-one coaching. (See “Pricing” on Contact/Pricing page.)

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching focuses exclusively on the issues you wish to work with. I am your advocate, sounding-board, and guide. Sessions can include bodywork, movement and homework which encourage you to stay connected to your own inner wisdom, taking the best care of YOU. If you are in a situation that requires great support and care, one-on-one coaching provides the highest level of attention. It’s very common for people who are in a group class to schedule one-on-one sessions when the need arises. Likewise, after working one-on-one for a few sessions many clients wish to become part of an on-going class.


Mediation is useful for any “couple”; a dating or married couple, a parent and child, a couple of friends or co-workers. People are able to gain a fresh perspective of one another’s needs and typically come away from a first session with a very clear idea of what they need do to make desired changes.

This system promotes a clear understanding of the power dynamic within a relationship and offers ideas on how to equalize that power. It is effective, teachable, and very oriented in PRESENT-time with the goal of immediately applying new principles.

My role is that of teacher as well as mediator/moderator. I strongly advocate for equality and balance as I point out where in the relationship there might be “cultural blind spots”. Support and compassion are at the foundation and my goal is to teach clients how to do this work on their own.

Many clients have one or two sessions within a month and then don’t have another appointment for many months. Others, with greater need, may schedule more frequently. We’ve learned there’s great benefit to using this work as prevention and enhancement, like a tune-up, instead of only in crisis or difficult times.

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