People from all walks of life benefit from Skills For Change life-coaching!

This dynamic and interactive system provides people with insight and guidance for making desired changes.

Writers, computer engineers, parents, auto mechanics, doctors, students, dancers, teachers, grandparents, building contractors, musicians, business owners, farmers, retired folk, and really, anyone can use Skills For Change! We all face the same types of predicaments in this one precious life, yet most of us seem to think we are alone in our unique struggles.

There is a reason we believe our difficulties belong to us exclusively. Our culture is one that values individuality and quietly, yet unmistakably, sends the message that we fail or succeed by our individual action. In reality there can be many factors over which we may have no awareness or control that influence the results of our endeavors.

Following are a few cultural myths that are debunked:

  • If you work hard you’ll get ahead
  • If you eat well you’ll be thin, and attract the person of your dreams (“Live happily ever after”)
  • If you meet a certain standard of beauty or wealth you’ll feel happy
  • If you do a just little bit more, you’ll secure your place in your community
  • If you say yes as often as possible, you’ll win friends and be loved
  • If you get a degree, you’ll find a great job

Either one-on-one or as a group, we explore where in our lives and relationships we do and do not have power, and we learn dependable ways to access power with love and reason. In group classes we build community by problem solving together and developing essential life skills.

Ultimately the systematic approach of Skills For Change encourages us to realize our interconnectedness to all life, to create and participate in community, find purpose, peace, and the inspiration to live into our fullest potential.

Call me to have a conversation, free of charge, to see if we’re a good match and to schedule a time to begin this life-enhancing work.

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