Baby Massage

How would you like the opportunity to benefit from a fun and educational activity as much or more than your baby/toddler?

What if this activity was:

  • medically proven to enhance the immune system
  • decrease stress in both toddler and parent
  • help alleviate colic
  • promote bonding between parent and child
  • relieve babies’ sleep difficulties
  • available free of charge at Champion Mine School every week!

Learning baby/toddler massage does all of this and more!

Next class series begins August 29. Classes meet for an hour once a week for four weeks and will be conducted by:

Our International Loving Touch Foundation instructor, Marybeth Paul, has maintained a local massage therapy practice since 1993. Six of those years she provided massage to patients in the chiropractic offices of both Dr. Tom Templeton and Dr. Dale Jacobson. She currently has an in-home office where she focuses on relieving chronic and acute pain with the use of Orthopedic Massage Therapy. Although she has taught massage to adults for the last five years, teaching parents the art of baby massage is the newest aspect of her work.

Please join us for this fun and informative class! You and your little one will be happy you did.